Let's take this show on the road!

I'm impressed how quickly and how well  you got the summer concert put together. Thanks for your work. I think the Como concert on Sunday will be terrific. 

Margie is in need of percussion help on a couple charts: for War March we need a gong player, and on Into the Clouds we need a triangle and suss cym player. If you are interested, and are in a section that can can by without you, please contact our percussion section leader, Margie. Thank you for considering this.

A couple reminders from last night: ATTENDANCE Let your section leader know if you are ever going to be absent or late. No surprises on concert night. Please make every effort to be at all of our events and to be on time. The few times we have fielded half a band have yielded less than desirable results. The sooner we know of absences, the more likely we can find a sub. DRESS cobalt blue polo on the top, black on the bottom. Bring sunglasses and something to hold your music in place. For most of our events you will need a chair (no lawn chairs please!) and a music stand. Have them in your car so you are ready for anything. A bottle of water is also a good call. CALL TIME is when the warm up starts. Plan on coming early to find parking, haul your gear, help the percussion, set up, warm up and tune on your own. It makes the performance so much more enjoyable than rushing in unprepared. HAVE FUN at the concerts. This starts with inviting your friends and family to our events. I hope you enjoy performing these special events, the more you enjoy it, the more the audience will respond. When the polka band plays, get into it! Hoot along, clap, sing on the Beer Barrel Polka, grab a partner and dance along! And be ready for anything! A good time will be had by all. POST CONCERT please help the percussion tear down and load the trailer. If everyone would make an effort to do this just for once concert this summer we would be good. Then be sure you attend the post concert get together as announced by your board.

Here is the full program order (note the encore)

Minnesota March no repeats, remember the ‘Rah Rah Ski U Mah’ before you sing


War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings

Lis Escoubo (last mvt of Suite Provencale) In '2'

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota

St Anthony Chorale ww & horns


Into the Clouds

Charlie Brown in '4'0

Foshay Tower March

Polka Band – 2 tunes


Escapade for Trombones – trombones stand

Skol Vikings

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat

Encore: MN March – pick up to K to the end (last 48 meas w/ no repeat, it’s the last strain – or last trio – I will give you ‘1-2-1’ then come in on the pick up)

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do for you. Sunday is Funday!