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I am so excited for your Pops Concert this Tuesday. The band has see a lot of growth in the past years, but none more than this year. This may not be our most challenging concert, but it could well be our most musical. I know your family and friends will enjoy it. Let's make sure this is not just the concert we SAY we are going to have at least 5 audience members there for each CICB member, but this WILL be the concert that it actually happens. I know they are going to love it. What a great way to cap our 35th season as an ensemble.

Things to remember:

-Concert dress is all black. I would encourage you to wear your BEST black. It not only classes things up but it shows respect to what we are doing and our audience. Break out that dark suit. And guys in ties would be appreciated!

-bring a stand light - or two! be ready to share if someone forgets. Plan on there being no stage lights and feel free to bring a lamp or whatever you need to see and be seen.

-jazz band members - you will have to bring your own stand and if you have an extra - bring that too!

-take care of your self going into the concert, practice, prepare, eat right, be rested, and be on time - ready to make some music and memories.

-think ahead during the concert. have your music in order, and be ready to go quickly to the next piece. 

-have fun with the music, especially the Hooked on Reruns! Nanoo, Nanoo - Batman (Splat!) and more. Anything to draw the audience in. For Skol Vikings, bring your Helga Horns et al (or gear for 'your' team). Focus and relax on Early Light - this could be awesome.  Maybe throw on your Twins hat. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE YOUR HARD WORK THIS YEAR. You deserve a perfect concert. If you've never had that elusive perfect concert, this is the perfect time to notch one in your belt.

Here's the timeline:

6:00 Jazz Band set up and practice, CICB set up crew

6:20 call time for the entire band so you can set up, warm- up and tune.

6:30 full ensemble warm up, probably with Mitch

6:50 places

7:00 Downbeat

8:00 Fine', tear down, meet with fan and fans


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, have a great concert and...

Go team!