On deck... Harriet


I really appreciated the opportunity to speak with you at our last meeting. I learned a lot. It's good for us to touch base like this once in awhile, but I promise - never for that long again! I did get some great feed back afterwards too. One issue that I should have addressed, "How was the membership of the Polka Band determined?" It's awesome so many of you want to play with the polka band. For years we have featured either the Dixie Band or Calico Jazz. With neither group able to perform this summer, the intent was to combine the available members of both groups and do some polkas for this summer's concerts. We did end up adding a few players to beef up the bottom.

The concert order will be the same this Tuesday. What a fun and fantastic performance at Como! They loved you. I can't wait to hear it again! For some reason I am especially looking forward to the War March and Battle Hymn. So fun. Here's the timeline:

Tuesday, June 27, Lake Harriet Pavilion 

6:00 report time for percussion and assigned trailer crew (each section was assigned a date at the last rehearsal.

6:45 CALL TIME for all. This allows time for a good warm up, thorough tuning and to rehearse several pieces.

7:30 Downbeat - invite your friends - this is one of the season favs. Weather is suppose to be sunny and warm. Bring water, sunglasses, et al

8:40 fine' and tear down. Please help tear down and load before greeting the fans.

Afterglow tba

Let me know of any questions or concerns.