I can't believe we are already approaching the end of a fun summer season. You have performed so well. I hope you are having as much fun as I am with this concert. We have one of our favorites at Salo Park in St Anthony this Thursday (annually big and appreciative crowds) and a return performance at one of the premiere summer sites Centennial Park in Edina. Will be a good way to end the season. Please let your section leader, and or Shawn or I know if you cannot attend so we can find possible subs. The 7 subs on Saturday really helped us out. We had 33 of our 77 members show on Saturday as the Calhoun Isles Wind Ensemble! Not a quorum albeit a good performance.


-to those who played in the heat and humidity on Saturday

-to the flutes, low woodwinds and percussion for 100% attendance at Hopkins 

-to those who played in the cool and non-acoustical setting on Thursday

-to those who made both performances!

-to those who have, and will attend all performances this summer!!

(please note: Kudos are not redeemable for prizes)

The line up for our last 2 concerts will be our full regular program. Let's make them the best. See you Thursday!