3 in 8


Fantastic concert at Lake Harriet! The band is playing so well. Thank you to all with special kudos to those who are helping out with the loading and set up/tear down work. Love the sense of community. 

We are coming up on a fun week - 3 concerts within 8 days! First up is Bryant Sq which is literally in our backyard! And bonus it's a Mpls park. Nice intimate setting for a loyal audience. Then on to Hopkins where 4 other community bands will also be performing throughout the day. Play to take in this special event. Traditionally this is on the hottest day of the summer. Siri is guessing 88. Then on to one of our favs - Salo Park in St Anthony. They absolutely love us there and they have a beautiful setting.  

We have struggled a bit in the past with coverage at Bryant Sq and Hopkins. Please make every effort to be at these important performances - but if you can't attend, please let your section leader know asap so they can plan accordingly.

Both Bryant Sq and Salo Park will be the regular set, but we will need to play a shortened set at Hopkins due to their schedule. Here's the program for Hopkins:

Minnesota March


War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings

Lis Escoubo

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota


Into the Clouds

Foshay Tower March


Skol Vikings - if time

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat - if time

NO Encore, there will be much less podium talk - be ready to go quickly from one to the next