Kudos et al


Happy New Year! I hope this finds you all healthy and enjoying the holidays.

What a terrific performance you had Dec 17. I was very impressed with your musicality and richness of tone. The concert was a gift to each other and to our audience. I appreciate your professionalism as well as your holiday flair! I'm looking forward to our second semester. More on that below, but first some kudos on the Holidays Concert:

-Our featured soloist Colleen for your masterful performance of the Heiden. Bravo! 

-For our extended soloists Sarah sax, Jason flugelhorn and Marissa horn.

-All of our incidental soloists including the entire percussion section on Kwanzaa. Who new tambourine and sleigh bells solos would be so enjoyable.

-Meghan for the beautiful program and poster

-To all who brought refreshments. What a great idea. The mixing after the concert was energized.

-Set up and tear down volunteers

-To our subs Rich and Matt percussion and Mimi bass

-Mitch for your conducting but also providing music and percussion for us.

-To our providers of the thunder sheets for Mayflower

-The ensembles that provided Christmas tunes before and during the concert.

-To everyone for your work, performance and for ensuring a large audience.


Our next rehearsal is Jan 9. This is the concert that we typically have more rehearsal time and perform a challenging program. I'm excited to begin working on The Planets with you. All the music has been passed out. If you didn't get something, let me or your section leader know on the 9th. I will list listening links on another post for easier access. Please take time to listen and work on your parts before we dig in on the 9th. 

We will set up the rehearsal this way:

Fanfare for the Third Planet


New Horizons

early break and announcements