We have liftoff


Good start on the work of putting the next concert together. We will continue the effort on Tuesday. As always, make every effort to attend and be on time ready to begin at 7. Coming earlier to help set up chairs, stands and percussion, warm up and tune is always appreciated

-Practice as time allows. Woodwinds with the 16th notes on Jupiter and Mars, work them slowly and build from there. Try in different groupings with different articulations. Also, look for ways to adapt the tricky parts to your ability level. Nothing wrong with leaving some notes out or changing 4 16ths to 2 8th. Feathering with your stand partner is another good option. 

-Kudos to the horns for your work on New Horizons.

-Section leaders be sure all parts are being covered and balanced appropriately. 

-Eventually Mars will be at mm=160 - we will practice slower this week. 

-Kelly and I are still working on Venus - I'm very excited about this project. 

-Keep listening to the recordings.

-Feel free to contact me anytime with questions/comments at teddggullickson@gmail.com

-Skol Vikings!