Concert Kudos

Congrats on an excellent Christmas Concert! I thought it went great and it seems our audience agreed.

Some Kudos:

-Kim Ode for the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas - mostly by memory with our lighting challenges. We will get the sound and light challenges fixed for the next concert.

-Everyone for helping the set up and tear down. I was really caught up with the energy of everyone working together to set up. There were so many of you there by 6:00 setting up and helping each other. Great teamwork made it fun.

-Everyone for helping recruit a large audience to enjoy the music you had prepared.

-Everyone for looking terrific with your concert dress black and holiday flair.

-Everyone who performed as a percussionist. You played well and really helped us out. There is so much great music out there that simply cannot be done without a full percussion section.

-Everyone for your flexibility through the Twas The Night Before Christmas set and the Christmas in the Round opener. They required all of us working together and you made it happen.

-All of our talented soloists for your superior musicianship.

-The board for your work organizing the event and to our amazing librarian Kelli.

-Everyone for a stunning and memorable performance.

The March concert is where we pull out heavier music to showcase the band’s talents. It has become one of our favorites. Past major works have included Carmina Burana, The Firebird Suite and the Sousa Concert. This year will be performing Robert W. Smith’s Symphony No. 1, “The Divine Comedy,” among other works. We are doing all four movements. Please take a listen before our January 8 reading session:

(remember to click on all 4 links)

Hope you are having a great holiday season. All the best and see you soon.