t minus 5 and counting


It's been such fun making music with you on the Planets. And the buzz is starting to grow. Thanks to Megan for all the pr material. Be sure to get your fb posts and save the date reminders out.

We all need to really dig in to the technically difficult passages of the music. Mars and Jupiter come to mind. And remember Venus is still to come.

Thank you all for your work clearing the stage and clearing out of Jefferson by 9:15. Post rehearsal is such a great time to visit with your section et al. Consider coming to the after practice gathering instead.

This week we cannot start rehearsal until 7:30 due to school conferences. We will aim for a 7:30 downbeat and will most likely not take a break. Let's set it up like this:

Mars - spots

Jupiter - mostly the first part

Venus if available

Pluto (New Horizons) - just the end

The Magician

Saturn and 3rd planet as time allows.

Remaining rehearsals for this concert cycle:

2/13 7:30 start

2/20 sectionals 1st hour, rehearsal 2nd



3/13 dress rehearsal