Practice v Rehearsal


Hope you are having a good week and that your individual practice is going well. This Tuesday we will see how it is paying off. The first half of rehearsal this week will be devoted to sectional time. Section leaders will be taking you thru our concert music starting right at 7:00. Look for an email letting you know to which room you should report. We are all busy people, but please make every effort to be on time. Consider coming early to help your section leader set up that room. You will need to take stands from the stage (or bring folding) but most rooms should have chairs. The 2nd half of the rehearsal will begin at 8:05 on stage with the full band doing a play thru of the entire concert. This will give you, Mitch and I a good idea of what remains to work on during these last few weeks. Any extra time at the end of rehearsal will be spent on Venus. Kelly has done such a wonderful job arranging this beautiful piece for us. 

Keep spreading the word about the Planets concert. Word of mouth goes a long way and you know people are going to enjoy it. Let's pack the place. Rehearsing this program has been a delight.


Earth, the Third Planet

Saturn, the Ringed Planet

Pluto, A Fanfare for New Horizons

Mars, the Bringer of War

Venus, the Bringer of Peace

Uranus, the Magician

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity