Tighten your Kuiper Belt


Terrific work last Tuesday everyone. I appreciate you help setting up/tearing down for sectionals. From what I've heard they were very beneficial. Thank you section leaders! Feel free to gather before rehearsal anytime you'd like to delve into another sectional.

I've been enjoying studying the music for this coming rehearsal after our play through. I'm reflecting on where we're at and listening to 'Lenny' and the NY Phil. What terrific music. I can't get over that we have an opportunity to  play this masterpiece. 

There is much to do in our 3 remaining rehearsals, hopefully we can get it all done. I need to encourage you as a member of the team to prepare for rehearsal (practice and listening), be at rehearsal and be on time (please come before 7 - earlier to properly prepare). Have a pencil so we can make quick work with notes. And of course enjoy every minute of making music with this fine group. As Warren Benson said, "there are no rehearsals, only performances." Come on time Tuesday ready to perform, ready to make music - so we don't need to practice individual parts. If we all do this we are gong to have a stunning performance. And if you ask at least 10 people to come, we will be able to share our good work with a full house!

Have your music set up:




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