The rest is up to you


I am so looking forward to hearing you perform this coming Tuesday! The band has made great strides the past few weeks. I feel we have covered everything, the rest of the prep is on us all as individuals. Some ideas that work for me as we all prep - and some reminders:

-One more listen thru of quality recordings

-Practice, not so you just get it right, but until there is no way it could go wrong

-Check that your horn et al are ready. Polish the brass

-Invite and re-invite everyone, get the posters out there

-Get some rest and eat right to be be ready and enjoy the performance to the max

-Wear your best concert black

-Call is 6:30, that's when the warm up starts. Please come early to set up, tune up, warm up

-Please put your cases in the back hallway

-Let your section leader know if you are coming late so we have a chair for you

-We will only be touching on music as needed for our piano player during the warm up (beginning of Mars, end of Venus, end of Uranus)

Concert starts right at 7:00:

EARTH (Mitch talks)

SATURN (I talk)

PLUTO (board member talks)

then there will be a very short intermission, just a few minutes to re-set, stand and stretch, and tune again.

Then it is the Holst straight thru without interruption. Please have the 4 mvts out and ready on your stand:





Then we all stand, we all meet and greet, we all tear down for the last time at Jefferson, and we all go to the Afterglow.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week and a great concert.