Congratulations to all for a stellar performance last Tuesday! I was so impressed with the level of your music making. Sure, there will always be those moments we'd like to do over, but with the amount of difficult time and the amount of rehearsals, the concert was stunning. There were so many moments you sounded absolutely 'symphonic'! So many good comments after. I hope you enjoyed!

Now for the post concert kudos where I always forget at least one person - here we go:

-Kelly Jones for your time and energy arranging Venus

-Horns for your feature on Pluto, and Leah for the beautiful solo in Venus

-Mitch - great job conducting and play, the first 2 pieces were terrific

-Everyone who dressed up. You not only showed respect to your band mates, but also to our appreciative audience who came to hear/see you perform. You looked great - very classy.

-Megan for the program and poster

-Everyone that had audience members attend

-Ann our piano player. Great job!

-set up and tear down crews

-Mimi for holding down the string bass part. It adds so much

-Elisabeth for your enthusiasm and awesome poem

-The band members that have their names on the donor list for giving above and beyond

-everyone else that I have forgotten (sorry)

Okay, now kudos to other sections that had great nights:

-bassoons, I had comments saying how great it was to have 3 bassoons, and 3 great players at that!

-percussion, has improved greatly in the past year. You had such a good concert and added so much. I also appreciate the extra time you give to set up and tear down. 


Now we have the opportunity to bring our music making to a new site. I like a new challenge and am looking forward to the change. We don't know what next year or the year after holds, but let's make the most out of our new digs. Sounds like we will just be doing egress and ingress next week and taking the next week off for spring break (spring? really? soon please!) So what we thought would be the normal 5 rehearsals and a dress for pops, we are left with 3 rehearsals and a dress. Then 1 rehearsal for Rosemount and 2-3 for the summer. Yikes! You know what I'm going to say here - please make every effort to be at each rehearsal, and on time so we can make the best use of our limited time. 

I've chosen a program centered around music for the stage and screen, "Music for a Darkened Theater." The music for the concert is as follows. Please take time to listen to quality recordings and practice as per usual. It should be a ton of fun!

Planet Krypton (brass fanfare)

Hollywood Milestones

Bella's Lullaby

The Right Stuff

Fiddler on the Roof

Arthur's Theme

The Impossible Dream (I would like to make a small chorus of band members to sing on this)

Jesus Christ Superstar

Curtain Call

Obviously we will cut things as needed. Many of these will also be used in the summer. For Rosemount I am thinking of doing one from the pops, Saturn and Jupiter. For now we are keeping everything in the folder.

Have a great week. See you Tuesday, one more time at Jefferson.