Spring Anew


1) Thank you for taking time to read this. Lot's of info for you.

2) Thank you for coming to rehearsal on short notice. You sounded great on the 2 tunes we read. I was really impressed. It's good we took that time as we found out later that night that now we CANNOT rehearse on Tuesday April 3. Bummer. So we are back to the 3 rehearsals and a dress before the pops concert on May 8! 

3) Thank you for your help moving out of Jefferson and into Justice Page Middle (JP). 

So the next time we gather will be Tuesday April 10 at Justice Page at 7. Please come early to find the school, the band room and where you sit, etc... Shall be interesting. I think it will work out well and will fun to be in a band room. 

You will have to bring your own folding stand though. They have limited stands that will go to percussion and those who may have forgotten. 

The seating will be a bit cozy in some rows. We all may have to give a little here and there. There are 4 rows. The set up will be as follows from the director's viewpoint, from our left to right:

row 4 = tubas, euphs, trombone 3-2-1, string bass (16 chairs)

row 3 = trumpets, horns (16 chairs)

row 2 = clar 2-3, bass clar, bassoons, bari, tenor, altos (20 chairs) NOTE TO ALTOS - you will most likely 'spill' off the riser to floor level. (20 chairs) 

row 1 = clar 1, oboe, picc, flute 2-1 (13 chairs)

Percussion will be off to the left side as at Jefferson. There are 2 large pillars in the band room so there will be some 'obstructed view' seats!

I'm glad we got the music out on Tuesday as we need to do some practice in preparation for our next rehearsal realizing time is limited! As of now the program will be:

Planet Kryton (brass fanfare)

(possibly a short 'flag waver here')

Arthurs Theme

Bella's Lullaby

Hollywood Milestones

3 charts by our jazz band!

Fiddler on the Roof

Impossible Dream (I will bring vocal parts to the next rehearsal - please consider singing)

Superstar - a combination of the 3 arrangements mostly coming from the Mancin (and a pretty good dose of the Lewis arrangement)

We will not have time to prepare Right Stuff or Curtain Call. Should be a fun concert.

Let me know if you have questions. 

Have a great Easter and see you at JP on the 10th!