lot's o' important stuff

Great rehearsal on Tuesday. Everyone found it okay, we were able to start on time and get a lot done. I was really impressed with how many came with their Superstar parts edited and ready to go. That saved a lot of time on this. Thank you!


For the last 3 rehearsals, the jazz band will be rehearsing from 6-7 in the band room for lack of other space. Feel free to set up and be seated around the jazzers so we can make a quick change.


Thank you so much for your quick work tearing down. Just a bit over 5 minutes and we were done. We will have to do that each night. I would ask those of you who helped put the room back in order last Tuesday to keep doing your same job after every rehearsal, or be sure someone does it for you.


The JP set up is:

Row 1 =  12 + 8 (chaires + stands)

Row 2 = 8 + 6

Row 3 = 11 + 5

Row 4 2 + 2


Practice room 1 (nearest door) = 5 + 4

Practice 2 = 4 + 3

Practice 3 = 3 + 2

Practice 4 = 2 + 2


Stack and rack our chairs


Help percussion


Put the horn cases from the floor back to the top side riser


Everyone out asap.


As of now the order of the concert will be:

Planet Krypton (great job on this Chris! Thanks for doing it)

That’s Entertainment

Bella’s Lullaby

Hollywood Milestones

3 tunes from jazz band


Impossible Dream



We will rehearse in this order – except starting with JCS and going back to the beginning.


Remember to tell your section leader if you can make the Sunday May 20 concert in Rosemount at 4p.






Meas 1-12

-m. 2 fermata during bass clarinet/flute cadenza

-m. 12 accent last note of measure, play short, grand pause



Meas 1-71

Add accel into measure 37

Measure 65-71 will not be conducted



Meas 8-34

-m. 8 count 1 is silent, come in on 2.

-m. 8 if you have 2 8th notes on count 4, change to 4 16th

-m. 34 will just be a low woodwind solo, upper ww are out



Meas 15-downbeat of 144

-m. 15-18 horns, bones & euphs are out

-m. 32 trumpets add 3 8th note pickups on E into 33

-m 33 more aggressive, a bit faster

-m. 33 percussion add humorous traps



Meas. 80 to the end

-Repeat meas 88-89 – 1st time=only melody, percussion and bass line, 2nd add saxes (trumpets out)

-m. 96 if your part starts with an 8th note and 8th rest, play 2nd time only