JC Superstar edits

The signature piece of the Pops Concert is Jesus Christ Superstar. With 3 arrangements of it in your folders you probably guessed that – and you probably guessed there will be some edits. None of the arrangements does everything I’m looking for – but together I think we are going to have a very special rendition.

Instead of a rehearsal this week, please take time to edit your parts so we can be ready to rehearse it on April 10.

The 3 arrangements are:




Meas 1-13

-Put a fermata on meas 2, we will add a short cadenza there for piccolo and bass clarinet. I will have that on the 10th.

-In meas 13 play the 8th note on the ‘and’ of 2 short and accented with no sustain.


Cut to LEWIS

Meas 1 thru meas 71

add accel into 37


Cut to O’BRIEN

Meas 8 (count 2) thru 34.

If you have 2 8th notes on count 4 of meas 8, change it to 4 16th notes.



Meas 15 thru downbeat of 144.

Eliminate any long tones from 15 thru 18. We will insert a piccolo solo I will bring on 10th.

Meas 144, play downbeat only, transition to:



Meas 80 to end


I appreciate your time getting this edit ready – it will save time next Tuesday.