Rosemount and next rehearsal


We had a good rehearsal tonight in preparation for the Rosemount Community Band Festival. 45 of our 75 members are able to make it - from the sounds of tonight I'd say we're in for a great performance. There was a suggestion to call the smaller band the Calhoun Executive Band. Some notes for Sunday:

Take time to look over your music noting the things we changed tonight.

Dress is concert black - look nice.

3:15 Arrive at Rosemount High School3335 142nd St W. Parking may be an issue. Find our 'homeroom' for cases and warm up. There will be Rosemount guides there to help. 

3:45 Move to performing arts center.

4:00 First band plays

4:35 CICB moves to stage/set up

4:45 our performance (invite your friends and family)

5:20 we are done, move off stage quickly and take seats back in auditorium

7:00 End of festival. They are asking bands to help move the equipment back to the Rosemount Band Room


We will begin working on the summer program. Expect most of this rehearsal to be on:

Remember Me (will be handed out)

Woodwind Polka

Curtain Call (is coming back out if you turned it in)

Lassus Trombone