a plea


More and more of are coming late to our rehearsals. I don't know why this is or if it's something I am somehow enabling. As a community band we owe many things to each other. Arriving on time is a the easiest way to show your band mates that you respect their time as well as the overall rehearsal time. Speaking for those who arrive in a timely manner, it's discouraging to be one of the handful that adhered to the call time. Remember 7p is the downbeat - not the arrival time. For me it is awkward to improv on extending the warm up until everyone has sat down. You need to arrive in time to park, set up, warm up and tune on your own. 6:55 is the latest you could arrive and get this accomplished. My plea is that we all observe this for our last two rehearsals and into the summer series. thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Nice work last Tuesday. It's going to be a fun summer series. Be sure your section leader knows of any conflicts with the concert dates. The earlier the better so we can plan accordingly. 

Let's set up this Tuesday like this:


WW Polka

Remember Me

Curtain Call


possibly repeat WW polka and Curtain Call

Other tunes as time allows (That's Ent, 3rd Planet, Krypton, Fiddler, Milestones)