follow up

I want to follow up from yesterday’s Director’s Notes post. But first a couple comments from the Rosemount Festival. My son Matt teaches in district 196 and said the Rosemount band directors were quite complimentary of your performance last Sunday. Then tonight as I was leaving the Eastview auditorium after Matt’s concert, a man from the audience came up to me and said, “Are you Tedd?” He recognized me from the festival as he was a trumpet player in the Rosemount Band! He also was very complimentary of your performance. Pretty cool. He also said he hoped they would do it again next year and that we’d be there!

After getting a couple e-mails from cicb members and re-reading my plea for punctuality post, I fear I may have come off as a bit authoritarian. That was not my intent. I greatly appreciate and value your thoughts and now understand both sides of the issue better. I often hear from members, “where is everybody,” and “why can’t we start on time.” Mitch and I have discussed but not known how to address the issue.

Lately, we’ve had less and less members ready for a 7p downbeat. Not wanting to start even later I sent out the note. In retrospect the topic is better suited to an Open Forum setting at a fall rehearsal so everyone can express their views. The written word is too often misunderstood.

Several members have told me they can never be on time due to work, travel distance, and other scheduling issues, which I understand. I appreciate their communication.

Do I want you to speed or drive in an unsafe manner to get to rehearsal in time? Certainly not. Do I want you to get in trouble at work for leaving early for band? Of course not. Nor do I want you to miss your child’s events. I know there will be conflicts and not everyone has the ability to be on time all the time.

At the community band convention I attended all the band directors in one of our sessions expressed they had the same problems with attendance and punctuality. I just want to be sure we’re doing the best we can for each other. I’m not asking for any more than that.

Full transparency, I’m not quite back to 100% yet, but band is wonderful therapy. Each member of this band is special to me and I value our time together. If I have come off as uncaring the past month I apologize.

I always love hearing from you, as I did from the 2 e-mailers today. Never hesitate to ask for clarification or offer suggestions. It’s your band. Perhaps you have solutions I’d never thought of. I will try to attend the afterglow after every rehearsal from now on to be more available to members. And of course, feel free to express thoughts before and after rehearsal as well as at the break.

With respect and appreciation,