Kudos and Beyond


Congrats on another fantastic performance. It is always so much fun making music with you. The audience was very appreciative. Here's my incomplete post performance attempt at giving concert kudos:

-Kelly & Laura for MCing. You did such a great job keeping the audience entertained and informed. Thank you for being willing to do this and for the extra time it took to prepare. And Laura you delivered the perfect 'ask' for donations.

-Chris Brand for your perfect arrangement of Planet Krypton. Great way to start a movies concert.

-Megan for the program and poster

-Our talented flute section for a beautiful performance of Bella's Lullaby

-ALL of the soloists throughout the concert. Sorry I didn't acknowledge you at the concert but you were terrific.

-The jazz band for your extra time and for providing some additional spice to the concert (btw I need the music back at rehearsal this Tuesday)

-The Calhoun Chorale for singing on the Impossible Dream (Mission?)

-Everyone who helped tear down. You tore down in 30 minutes what took 3 hours to assemble!

-The concert audience for finding our new location and sharing their night with us

-The JP auditorium for being light and bright. The cheery colors made the night a bit more fun for everyone. 

-CICB for preparing a wonderful concert with limited time and while being flexible to our new environs.

-And to everyone else I forgot to mention, you are awesome!


Rehearsal this Tuesday will be dedicated to performing at the Rosemount Community Band Festival. If for some reason you cannot attend this concert, you will not need to come to this rehearsal as I want to get the feel for the group that will be performing. We will be playing Third Planet, Fiddler, Diversion, JCS (with cut) and Saturn only.

Then we are all back together for rehearsal on the 22nd to start preparations for the Summer Series. Take time to get our summer dates in your calendar and let your section leader know of any conflicts. The summer concerts will consist of:

That's Entertainment

Remember Me from Coco

JCS (with cut)

Interlude = Third Planet, Lassus Trombone,  Woodwind Polka

Planet Krypton


Bella's Lullaby

Hollywood Milestones