To the band formerly known as the calhoun isles community band,

Thanks for working together last Tuesday to make the concert happen. I appreciate everyone showing up, and playing so well. The sound was quite good and the audience appreciated it.

Tomorrow we hit the road to Zumbrota. Allow plenty of time for travel. We are on at 3. As soon as the band before us is done, we quickly take the stage - kinda like Hopkins style. It may be 2:40, it may be 2:50. You will want to be there by 2:30 to find the place, scope it out, listen to the previous band, get your horn ready. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

We have 45 minutes to perform so will do a shortened set:

that's entertainment



(will not do 3rd planet or Lassus)

WW polka



Bellas is on the bubble if we run late


Will only do Curtain call if we end Hollywood before 3:42!