Let's Take This Show On The Road!

I really feel good about the upcoming summer series. The music is in hand, work crews are getting organized, subs are lined up. I think the audience will enjoy Music for a Darkened Theater.

Como is an amazing place to play with an appreciative audience. Can't wait for Monday. Remember the posted call times are when we start the downbeat for warm up. You may want to come 30 min before that to be sure you've found the site, haul your stuff in, set up. warm up, tune up, etc... 

This Sunday we will do a short warm up and run thru Curtain Call. You may want to take a look at this one and take a listen on You Tube. And remember to bring choreography. 

Tell your 'framily' about our summer series. Thanks for all you did this entire season and for preparing what should be a wonderful Summer Series.