Oopus. I made a mistake in my last post saying our Como concert is Sunday. It's Monday. Sorry about that. 

During our concerts we always to an ask for donations. We would like to have a different member of the band give the ask at each summer series concert. During the voting session last Tuesday I was moved to hear the stories about what the CICB means to it's members. That the kind of word that needs to get out. If you are comfortable telling a short version of your story and asking our audience for financial support, please let me or Jeanette know - or any board member.

I also forgot to address the set up for the summer. Don't worry - we are using the same seating plan, the one we've used the last few weeks, for the whole summer. I just want to be sure that rows 1, 2 & 3 are evenly divided as sometimes we get off centered with too many people on one side or the other. Find your center member and set up from there being sure to leave plenty of space for flutes and horns. As always please try to set up in an open arc and not a closed horseshoe to help get the sound out. Also, try to set up as near to the front edge of the stage as possible so we can leave about an extra 4 feet between the 3rd and 4th row. This will allow the horn sound to get out much easier. And tubas, if there's room, please set up behind the bass trombones.