Rise Up!

Order for Tuesday:

7:00 announcements, f-stretch, tune

7:05 Heart of the Morn

7:15 American Salute

7:35 Slava

7:55 Mitch

8:20 Hamilton starting at 74

8:40 Star!

8:45 tear down




All parts legato throughout unless indicated otherwise


m. 4 bassoon clar 1, alto, euph change quarter note on 4 to a dotted quarter note on the + of 3


m. 27 if you have a tie into the downbeat, eliminate the tie and tongue the downbeat.


m. 29 trumpet 2 & 3 change to ff


m. 39 eliminate sus cym roll


m 53-54 flutes, oboe, clarinets mark as p


m. 68-69 add cresc


m. 72 first trumpet 2 players to hi A (not E), long


m. 107-108 play twice, 1st time marimba only, 2nd time tutti (possible clarinet solo with all in at 111)


m. 115 change dynamic to mp


m 118 add sus cym roll with cresc


m. 122 move rall. From 123 to 122


m. 130-131 play 3 times, building each time.


m. 131 bass clar, bari sax, trombone 3, tuba – make the two notes on counts 4+ to the same two notes as counts 3+ the first 2 times, play as written the 3rd time


m 135 flutes mark as fff. First flutes up an octave


m. 136 all but flute and clar 1 mark the last note in the measure as fp.


m 137 flute and clar I mark your last note as fp


m 137 add fermata


m 137 drum set make it a low tom roll (fast with cresc)


m 137-138 bass clar, bassoons, bari sax, trombone 3, tuba down an 8va