September 30, 2018

City Of Lakes Band (COLB),

Thank you for a great rehearsal last Tuesday. I appreciate your attention and patience. Editing (Hamilton) and fine tuning music is tedious and necessary. Let me know of any questions or concerns during the process. I’m looking forward to Tuesday. Hamilton is almost done, American Salute is close, Heart of the Morn is beautiful. Even Slava is coming along.




Heart of the Morn


Am Salute

The orchestral version of Slava! is a must listen. On youtube select slava! orchestra and click on Leonard Bernstein - Slava! A Political Overture. Great Fun.

Here is the last of the Hamilton edits:

Hamiton Edits – Part 3


Measure 15 + 19, flute, trumpets, trombone 1&2: slur entire measure

Meas 26, all: tongue release on ct 3 (whatever note you are on at the time) followed by a quarter rest on 4.

Meas 27, all: tacet except soloist

Meas 28 long tones are back in, start from soft and cresc

Meas 29, horns and trumpet 2+3 mark as fortissimo

Meas 35 2nd time, rall starts here (molto)

Meas 37 if you have 2 half notes descending, gliss from one to the other

Meas 40 solo trumpet use back accent articulation on 16ths

Meas 42, flute & oboe bring out – move to FF, back accent articulation on 16ths

Meas 42 Spencer move snare from the ‘and’ of 3 to the ‘ah’ of 3 (always).

Meas 48 + 49 alto sax only – change your rhythm back to whole notes

Meas 48 + 49 Spencer play exactly as written



Meas 60, 62, 63 add accent on counts 1, 2, ‘and’ of 3

Meas 62 add accent on counts1, 2, ‘ah’ of 2, 4


Meas 60-63 all repeat

Meas 64 bassoon, alto, tenor, trumpet, horn, trombone 1&2m euph, mark FF

Meas 68 + 69 flute, oboe, alto, horn 1 bring out!

Meas 74-77 all: 2 times

            1st time = one per part, no melody

            2nd time = add bassoon soloist

meas 74-81 all” two times (no repeat of 74-77 this time)

meas 82-89 all: repeat, euphs 2nd time only 86-89

meas 90-93 all: repeat

meas 95 all: piano or softer

meas 107-108: repeat, marimba only 1st time

meas 107-downbeat of 111 clarinet sols (all clarinets in at 111 count 2)

meas 115 – all: keep it piano

meas 118 add sus cym roll with cresc

meas 118 bring out marimba

meas 122 all: start rall. Here

meas 124 marimba only, all other parts tacet

meas 126 start mezzo and build

meas 126 solo trumpet

meas 128 all trumpets in

meas 129 drum fill

meas 130-131 3 times with cresc

meas 131 bass clar, baris sax, trombone 3, tuba make count 4 the same notes as count 3 1st & 2nd time, as is 3rd time

meas 135 edit will be passed out on Tuesday

meas 136 + 137 make your last attack forte piano

meas 138 flute 1, bassoon 1, alto 1, trumpet 1, trombone 1, 1 euph up an 8va

meas 138 basson 3, bari sax, trombone 3, 1 euph, 2 tubas down an 8va