Order and an invitation


This week we will play the Divine Comedy in order. While doing so I will share the composer’s thoughts mentioned in the score to give us a better understanding of the piece. Let’s set it up like this:





Telemann (break)



Festival Prelude

The Telemann flute solo rehearsals will be limited to 10 minutes while the rest of the band takes a break. Section leaders may want to take this time for short sectionals as needed. Please feel free to walk back into rehearsal quietly after the 10 minutes (even if we’re still rehearsing) so we can move right into the next piece.


Many of you remember when the CLCB used to be the MBDA reading band at the state music convention. The MMEA Convention is a showcase for jr and sr high music groups as well as college and community ensembles. There are also clinics, exhibits and much networking. Lately more and more community bands have performed, recently the St Louis Park CB. This year the Northern Lights Variety Band and the Medalist Band will be featured.

Besides the CLCB, I also direct (and play drums) in a community jazz band, Southern Minnesota’s Real Big Band. The RBB has also been invited to perform at this year’s Convention. It is open to the public and you are invited to attend. We are featuring piano soloist Nachito Herrera on several tunes. Nachito is a professional jazz and classical pianist often performing at the Dakota. I’m very excited about this opportunity. We are performing Thursday Feb 14 from 4:45-5:30 in the Minneapolis Convention Center room 205. I would be thrilled if you could join us and not often you can see a free concert by Nachito Herrera.