I hope everyone had a good time last Tuesday, I sure did. getting better every week. Thank so much to Julie for making the youtube page of our concert. And continued thanks to everyone who is volunteering their time for the good of the Lakes Band.

Order for Tuesday with tempos:

Amazing Grace mm=72

Valdres mm=108


1 mm=80

38 mm=132

87 mm=72 or slower

116 mm=160 to end

Arabesque 15 mm=108

Hands Across mm=120

Little Mermaid

1 = 76

56 = 140

95 = still 140

130 = cut time 104

3 Greek folk songs not in line up for this week

mvt 1 mm=152

mvt 2 mm=60

mvt 3 starts at 80, ends at 160+ HAH!!!