Neither snow nor sleet...


I certainly understand and respect that many were unable to attend rehearsal last week due the the weather. But was impressed with the 45 members that made it and the productive rehearsal that we had. Kudos to the oboes, trombone and percussion sections for 100% attendance!

They say this Tuesday may bring more snow, but fear not, we will make it through this. We only have 5 (possibly 6 if we can rehearse during township elections) before our March Concert featuring the Divine Comedy. We can do this - with your help: attend rehearsals, practice and listen to the recordings will help. And it’s never too early to get the word out about this special performance - Tuesday, March 26.

This Tuesday we will finally get to the rehearsal planned for a couple weeks ago, when we get into the story and inspiration of the fantastic programatic masterpiece. Set it up this way:





Telemann (break)


March if time

Festival Prelude