now is the time

Divine Team,

Great job on Tuesday everyone, After a slow start we got a lot accomplished. I appreciate your attention and patience.

If there was ever a time to invite your friends to a concert, now is the time, Get the word out. Let’s share this with a packed hall. SRO!

This Tuesday is dress rehearsal. It will be on stage. Thank you for coming early to set up - and if all goes well we’ll start early too as there is a lot to do before 8:30 when we have to tear down.

Here’s the order for the Dress and for the Concert:

Festival Prelude

Flute Solo



Divine Comedy

Remember when we are standing for the DC.

Two measures before vocal entrances.

In Mvt 1 Dustin stand in pit to start concert. Kari stand front stage right

Mvt 2Ryan, Flute soloists and Dustin (3 times!) stand for your solos,

In mvt 3 Jason stand front stage left.

I am a bit nervous about the crystals for DC. I need four volunteers to tune and play these. Let me know if you are interested asap.

Here is the youtube video with Smith conducting the Oklahoma All State Band. His descriptions of his music are quite interesting:

Thank you to everyone for making this concert cycle a success, especially with all our challenges. Kudos to all.