Bravi, Tutti!


Congratulations on a magnificent performance on Tuesday. I listened to the recording and feel it is probably the best the band has ever sounded. I am so impressed with your dedication and musicality. You played with a lot of heart. I was impressed with your professional presentation, plus you looked fantastic. We made some memories. It’s not normal for a community band to accomplish this much in just 8 rehearsals. Step back and look what you did. The Divine Comedy demands so much from a group and everyone worked together to make it happen. That says a lot for the CLCB. BRAVI, TUTTI!


 With fear and trepidation re: leaving someone out, here is a list of kudos for individual/section performance:

Libby flute. What a wonderful performance of the Sonata. You’re a pro, and I think it’s the best the accompaniment has done.

The Sonata Ensemble – thanks for learning and performing the extra piece. It was really a nice change of pace.

Mitch – for your conducting, leadership and what you bring to the CLCB (crystals et al). And good job on the tom!

Sara bass clarinet – for the beautiful program. The nicest we’ve had. Thank you for the extra time and expertise you gave us.


The Divine Comedy Soloists:

Ann flute

Emily flute

Megan oboe – our super sub

Dustin alto – a star is born (from audience member: “where you been hiding him?!)

Jason trumpet – literally sounding like the ascension

Kari trumpet

Ryan horn

Margie timpani


Outstanding sections:

Horns – you guys are scary good. Wow! This piece demanded a lot from you and you delivered.

Percussion – You rose to the occasion. Very tight, exciting, dynamic performance. And thank you for always coming early to set up, staying late to set up and tear down.


In addition to:

Leah and Kelli our moaners (others?) – that was exactly what I had in mind

Off Stage Brass

Heavenly Brass and triangle players

Guest percussionists – we literally could not have done this without you

Everyone who brought chains, triangles, crystals, etc…

Dennis – for the laser and fog machines

Everyone who helped set up and tear down and to Julie and Ann for staying to the bitter end.

The Board for all the extra things it took to make this concert a reality from renting timpani to lugging a bass drum and gong around town to recording the concert for us.

And thank you to everyone for all you did and your magnificent performance. For being willing to stand, sing, stomp, etc, in addition to performing with new lights. Truly remarkable.


We had a great and very appreciative audience, Not SRO yet but we’re getting there. You deserve it. After the concert an audience member said “your performance should have been heard by hundreds… thousands!”

I can’t wait to hear comments at our next rehearsal.


There are only 5 rehearsals for our pops concert. The title is Rock of Ages so we will be featuring some great rock music from different eras including Pinball Wizard, music of Led Zeppelin, Africa, music of Earth, Wind and Fire, Coldplay and much more. We will also be performing the new commissioned piece that honors my personal Rock of Ages and one of our biggest fans, my Mom. You have that piece in your folders already. It has a tricky key signature and some difficult woodwind parts. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Have a good spring break.