all for one and one for all


Thank you for your prompt attendance last night. I appreciate you patience and attendance as we addressed some last details in the DC. Whether it’s bringing a chain, putting up posters, suggesting performance ideas, volunteering for percussion, or practicing - we’re all doing our part. I am so excited for your performance on the 26th.

If you missed rehearsal please contact your section leader as there were some changes.

We passed out the music commission last night which we will perform at the May pops concert and on the summer series. (“Extra, Extra, Read All About It”) Unfortunately we didn’t have time to read it last night, but if you have time, give it a read in your practice.

Let me know if you have any other performance ideas for the Comedy, or anything you’d like me to work on in rehearsal next week, or if you have any questions on the DC.

One last rehearsal, then dress rehearsal, then the concert. “Snow, Snow, Stay Away.’ Remember to come early next week as parking will be at a premium.

Let’s set it up this way:

DC all, in order - putting it back together with some stopping

announcements/flute solo (Les Plaisirs)/break

A Festival Prelude