Fun rehearsal last Tuesday everyone. I was so thrilled to share ‘Extra Extra’ with you. I was concerned how it would go .. and it was just fun! This is going to be an Extra Fun concert. It’s going to connect with our audience. Maybe this is the concert that will be Standing Room Only!

We only have 4 rehearsals left (that includes the dress rehearsal) before the May 14 concert. We can do it, but we truly need every member at rehearsals and on time.

Take some time to revisit original recordings of these rock charts.

We’re going to fully embrace the Rock of Ages theme and encourage everyone to come up with a Rock Star outfit to wear at the concert.

It’s been fun to hear some of your ideas for this concert already. Keep them coming.

We’ll see you Tuesday - maybe in this order (this is the music you should have)

Pinball Wizard


Led Zeppelin



Bohemian Rhapsody

Earth Wind and Fire

and possibly one more chart coming.