We’re getting closer. Thanks for your work on Tuesday. Two rehearsals and the dress rehearsal remain. With that in mind I feel we need to make some changes.

Led Zeppelin arrangement is just too long. Please mark these cuts:

At meas 66 cut to 78

At meas. 106 cut to the pick up to 122 (if you have 3 8th note pick ups in mea 105, don’t play any of them, play the pick up to 122 instead)

At meas 161 cut to 173

For Bohemian Rhapsody, I think we agree that the Darrol Berry would be fun to play, but we don’t have time to work it up, or to do a mash-up with the Lowden. So we will be doing the Lowden arrangement, which is tons better than the John Berry. We will be turning in the John Berry arrangement this Tuesday. Please erase any and all marks you have made on it. We will keep the Darrol Berry for now, just in case we have time for some mash-up-ing for the summer.

(ps. Plan on turning in all of your March concert music this Tuesday, Except March of the Belgian, keep that)

I think we’re good on everything else. We need you at rehearsal on Tuesday and on time. Please separate from your cell phone (except for tuners) during rehearsal.

Please feel free to come into the band room and set up while the jazz band finishes up on their part of the rehearsal. Do not wait in the hall.

Rehearsal Plan for Tuesday:


All Night Long

Earth Wind and Fire





Pinball Wizard