Rock is a legato art form

Team Cool,

It’s been fun working on the Rock of Ages concert with you. The concert is going to be a blast. Be sure your entire fan base knows about this event, let’s pack the place to SRO! “FREE ROCK CONCERT, DUDE!”

Have you decided what to wear yet? Have fun with it. We’re fully committed to dressing like rock stars. If you need ideas, here are some generic Rock Star looks to consider: black or blue jeans (can be ripped), black or white tee, jewelry, sweatbands, boots (tennies work), chains, leather, collar up, neck bandana, women: hair down, make up, men: facial hair. Look for images online and be creative. Maybe do something with section.

Let me know if you have anything we could use as props on stage at the concert.

Extra! Extra! is getting there. It’s taken some time but it’s starting to gel. With the tricky keys and chromaticism, just getting the right notes is the biggest issue remaining. Please take a minute to practice it and mark in reminder accidentals.

My brother Glenn is a newspaper person just like our folks, and he has sent press releases about our premier performance of Extra! Extra! to the Fargo Forum and the Tribune. We’re hoping they contact us for an interview. We’ll see.

All Night Long is a marching band arrangement we started to spice up last week:

Flutes, clarinets and altos feel free to create a 2nd part when your part by taking higher passages down an 8va.

Flutes at 6 play that trill slow, down an 8va and soft

Oboes play flute part down an 8va when possible.

Bass clar should be on the tenor sax or baritone TC part making ova adjustments.

2nd trombones should be on baritone TC part.

3rd trombones should be playing down 8va when possible.

Percussion we are only using set (using sd part as a guide), bells, marimba and tambourine from the written. Everyone else fill in with a variety of shakers, conga, agogo bell and cowbell.


no dim at 20-21

connect sound from 21 to 22. (play the downbeat of 21 as a half note instead of a quarter note) Do not play m. 22 short, rather long with accents.

All cresc at 34, 38 & 42.

43 is big!

Add cresc at 52

Connect 52 to 53 with sound as before

Again, don’t play the quarters in 53 short, play long with accents

add fermata at 69

ALL: use jazz articulation throughout.

Rock, like Jazz, is a LEGATO art form, Longer and connect, ‘dah’ instead of ‘tah.’

We have a lot of quick work to do on Tuesday, our last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal. Please be there on time: