Tour closing show


Can’t believe the “Divine in ‘1-9’ Tour’” is coming to a close. The band has gotten tight the last few gigs, last show was straight up awesome. It was windy, man, real windy. The tour won’t end at one of our usual stadium concerts, we’re playing a Middle School auditorium in Minneapolis which will be cool cuz lotz of the band is from that area.

The equipment semi will unload around 4p on Tuesday. The set up crew will be there by 6 with a sound check at 6:30. Don’t be late, man. We will run Extra Extra first thing so our Extra special guest artists can play thru it. The hit is at 7, same order as last time. There will be M&M’s in the green room, but no brown ones as in the contract.

The site hired a couple light guys that really know their stuff so be ready for anything. You might want to bring a stand light - and your own stand while ur at it. We’re expecting this one to be sold out so park away - give our fans the sweet spots.

If ur still looking for threads you might want to check out a local thrift store. I’ve shared some ideas in earlier posts, here’s some more: black nail polish, black eye liner, vintage band tee, and scarves always bring the funk.

Laur and Kel will be on lead vocals. They have some great stuff ready. We’re going to have some fun. We’re going to slay it. There will probably be some instrument smashing after the set.

After the show we’re all meeting down at the club. Tell Mar-Mar how many groupies will be tagging. It will be a good time to wish the Tall Man the best as he tests the music scene on the West Coast.

Bring da noise, Bring the funk!