That was gnarly dude

Congrats on a wonderful concert last Tuesday. The CLCB sounded great again. As I told the audience, the band effortlessly went from from a Symphony Orchestra to a Rock Band in just 5 rehearsals. Very impressive. You all should be proud of your work and your band.

I LOVED the costumes. That really set the mood. I could not resist having you stand so the audience could see. Very creative.

With great fear and trepidation of leaving someone out, here is the Kudo’s list:

Sara bass clarinet for another professional and aesthetically pleasing program.

Laura and Kelly for emcee’ing. Fun and creative. You kept things moving.

All who came early to set up, and stayed late to tear down.

All who had solos, incidental and otherwise. And thanks for those that stood to play them. Too numerous to mention, especially with the jazz soloists.

The Lakes Jazz Band. That may have been our tightest and most entertaining set yet. I wish we could do it again!

Everyone who helped with advertising. We still haven’t found the secret to getting a full house. You deserve a much bigger crowd.

Mitch for your conducting and friendship over the past two years. You will be missed all.

Everyone for your work on Extra, Extra. What a memorable experience. Both of my brothers were moved to tears and want to hear it again. My family musicians were elated to play with you and thankful for your warm welcome.


I wish I could have been at the Afterglow. Sounds like a large number of the band went and had a great time. Our party of 20 took over a Bakers Square.



With the indoor concert season over, our Summer Series begins. We will have 2 rehearsals to prepare 3 new pieces and polish the others. Please make every effort to be at these important rehearsals and to be on time. Please check your calendar and let your section leader know if you will be gone for either rehearsal. Also, take time to look ahead to our summer dates and let SL’s know of any conflicts. It’s better to know now if we will be short in any sections. It’s important every member does this so there are no last minute changes and no surprises. You matter.

Here is the Summer Series program: - it will be a fun set. 



The Greatest Showman

March of the Belgian Paratroopers

Tiptoe Through the Tubas

Extra, Extra!

PART 2: Rock of Ages

Pinball Wizard

Earth Wind and Fire

Stairway to Heaven (only)


All Night will be the encore when needed

This Tuesday we will pass in: 

A Festival Prelude


Bohemian Rhapsody – all 3 versions!

Naughty music

Jazz music

I think that’s it, let me know if I missed anything.

If you cannot attend this Tuesday, please be sure your folder gets there for the turn in. Mitch needs to bring the music we borrowed from Shakopee back asap.