Off and running (includes edits)


I hope your summer is off to a great start. Kudos on a good concert at Como. I was impressed with your performance especially since it was our first gig and that we haven’t played some of the pieces in a long time! Thank you to all who help set up and load in/out. The percussion was scrambling to be ready by the downbeat due to a time crunch. Any help you can give them, even if you are not on loading crew that night, will surely be appreciated. And remember everyone, please be on time, seated and ready to play by the call time. If you are coming late or going to be absent, your section leader needs to know. No surprises. Thanks

The Como crowd was certainly not as big as usual. People may not know that we are the old Calhoun Isles Band that they know and love. Keep getting the word out.



m. 1 et al - keep working to make the quarter notes as long as possible while still separated. Make ‘em sizzle as Dr Ben used to say.

m.1 louder on the SD rim shot

A - everyone focus to lock the temp in, we phased between A-B


It’s all about the groove

m 40 NO tempo change here

remember ALL these rock tunes are legato by nature

Keep it earthy, windy and oh so fiery!


Will try a bit faster

m 92-93 eliminate the hairpins, stay soft under trombone solo

m 103 be ready for anything tempo-wise!

we should be able to play this one really tight


m 18 trumpets, thanks for standing, be ready for it and try to stand in unison

m 48-51 soloists stand


This piece has almost entirely 2 measure phrases. work on the ebb and flow. cresc first meas dim 2nd always

m 177 Sam, please stand

m 223 bigger

m 231 have more fun, rock it!


percussion try to cover all the mallet parts

m 15 more on the accents, other notes softer

remember to repeat m 15-18 inclusive, 1st time soft, 2nd time big

remember to repeat m 88-91 inclusive

starting at 61, on LOST, never too soft - nothing below a mf no matter what the part says

m 143 dim to 147

m 154 no rit

m 158 add accent


Always play under the tubas

m 51-59 one on a part in accompaniment, very soft

Would LOVE to see sections or rows do some choreography during this (don’t start until m. 23)


not too slow

keep it clean and tight

bring out inner parts

double SD part with field drum if possible


start with 2 measures of incredible cresc from susp cymbals (as many as possible) and tam tam ending very big then choked. Also, percussion, add a huge accent on ct 3 of meas two from timp, BD (concert and set) and all toms (concert and set)

m 1 fff, glass into 2nd note


1st time thru:

meas 3&4 are tacet for all, even long tones - THIS IS NEW (count them - don’t play them)

on meas 4 I’d like everyone to stomp their feet, clap your hands or slap your knee (whatever) very loud on count 2&3, with BD and all toms also playing accented quarter notes on 2&3 as loud as possible (this is first time only)

2nd time thru:

as written, ww play the written dynamic, not softer as stated earlier

3rd time thru

as written but louder

4th time

only play meas 1&2 (NO PERCUSSION FOR THESE TWO MEASURES!) then skip to meas 5 (do not play or count m. 3&4 this time, they don’t exist)

m 25 change drum set part to 4 quarter note rim shots with bd

repeat m 44-47 inclusive, solo 2nd time

m 62 bring out tambourine thumb roll

m. 76 ALL subito soft, stay soft until cresc at 79

repeat m 86-98 inclusive, solo 2nd time

m 90 add quarter note concert bd accent on count 1 mf

m. 102 “majestic” percussion!

m 111-112 add rit

m 113 a tempo

m 113 “majestic” percussion!

m 122-123 percussion VERY big

repeat m 127-130 inclusive, solo 2nd time

m 138 -4, hard tongue stop release right on count 4, percussion add strong accent on ct 4

m. 145 bring out low tom

m 150 huge drum fill

m 150 on ‘+’ of 4 loud, accented with a hard tongue stop release

m. 152 ‘From Now On’ Party time! literally whoop it up, stomp your feet, clap your hands, have fun and the audience will have fun

m. 194 play as written, do not cut out parts as mentioned before

m 215 we need to work on this transition

m 215 flute, oboe, clar 1, tenor, trumpet 1, euph - bring out count 2, play it long with a cresc

m 215-216 big timp solo, very dramatic

m 219 all start the rit here

all stand after, be sure you have All Night Long ready on your stand


We will start this almost immediately after sitting down. No one wants to wait around for an encore. Be ready.

This almost sounds too clean, Loosen up, have fun, it’s party time and don’t forget to whoop it up at 45

All the changes we made on this for pops are good


exaggerate your dynamics

project your sound, esp in back row

soloists please stand, and remember I may recognize you after the piece

Let me know if you have questions! Our next gig (Tues 6/25) will be a great opportunity to clean the show up. I’m looking forward to it. See you then.