Summer Series


The summer concert series is upon us. I’m excited to see you all and perform for our fantastic audiences. Let’s have some fun.

A few thoughts as we begin:

Please be on time, ready to play at the call time. Come early to set up, warm up and tune. If you are ever going to be late or absent, be sure to inform your section leader.

If you have time for one more practice and or listening session, be sure all the tricky parts are ready.

When you set up, please center your row by counting the chairs and putting the middle chair right on the 50 yard line. Also, please set your row up in an arc as we have been doing lately in concerts, Not the old horseshoe set up where the people on the end are looking at each other instead of the audience.

Things to bring: water (hydrate throughout the day), sunscreen when needed, bug spray, sunglasses, band shirt, your polished horn, needed mutes/extra reeds, your fans, and something to hold your music down as even the slightest breeze will leave us scrambling. Ideas include a sheet of plexiglass, clothespins, clips, paper weight. Some members have been copying off their music then putting them in clear plastic sleeves then into a 3 ring binder. Great idea.

And to fully prepare you for an outdoor concert, please take 8 minutes to watch this classic. You will be entertained and fully prepared for anything: