It's the Greatest Show!


How good is this? Being able to take our Greatest Show on the road every two weeks and share music with appreciative crowds. It’s so fun performing with all of you. Thank you again for your great musicianship, camaraderie, and dedication to the team. As always, it’s an honor to be associated with each of you and the CLCB.

We’ve had great attendance this year. Thank you all for that. We haven’t had to use many subs. And thank you to those who come early to help set up and help percussion. It’s been a challenge for many to arrive tin time for the call with all of our different schedules, but I appreciate your time. I do have some things I’d like to work on before the Powderhorn concert:


this has been sounding great, no concerns, Last Tuesday was the best performance

E,W & F

Colleen, please stand for your solo

m 69 - change the accent on 3 to a sfz, exaggerate, make it a little shock


Some of the short ww runs are getting away from us, we’re doing the same thing, but not always at the same time



m 1 start from very soft and exaggerate the crescendo

m 125 & 126 we need to work this as an ensemble

TIPTOE - MARCH - all good


I am just loving this char, as are out audiences! My wife said her nieces were singing along and knew all the words. You’ve gotten a lot of great comments on it. I hope you are hearing some as well.

m 3 & 4 the first time - percussion do NOT playing anything during these 2 measures except for accented quarter notes on count 2 & 3 of measure 4


fun at the faster tempo

we will do this at each of our remaining gigs.

The organizer at the Minnetonka concert went out of his way to compliment you on your tone last Tuesday. He is a community band member as well. And for what it’s worth, my wife thinks you sound amazing, and she’s all of your concerts for going on 10 years now.

Thank you for taking time to center your rows. It looked so much better. We still struggle a bit on the arc of the rows. It’s hard for me to describe what I’m looking for I guess. For reference, the back row is getting it best. Generally, keep your rows ‘flatter’ not semi circular. Just a slight arc. It helps get the sound out, helps you and us look better, and makes much better use of the space available. The percussion section ended up off the stage in the grass last week. Thanks for your cooperation with this. Let me know if you have questions.

Now it’s time to take The Greatest Show to Powderhorn,