Never Enough


The finale to the Greatest Show tour is upon us at the beautiful Lake Harriet Band Shell. What a way to end the season. I am very impressed that your performances just kept getting better and better over the summer. It’s easy to stagnate when playing the same program 6 times. Thank you for your professionalism and musicianship.

Let’s really enjoy entertaining our wonderful audience next Thursday. It should be fun for all. I’d like to encourage soloists to keep standing. It makes a huge difference visually and musically - especially when we’ll be on a raised stage at Harriet. I can’t wait to hear you perform on a bandstand with good acoustics.

If for any reason this will be your last performance with the CLCB, please let me and/or your section leader know. We want to properly thank you for being part of the team.

Even though it’s never enough, I’m looking forward to what promises to be the Greatest Show of the summer!