I sure am enjoying the Divine Comedy. I appreciate your work last week as well as listening to the story and the composer’s thoughts. We will keep digging this Tuesday. Since this is the ultimate ‘program’ piece, expect some programmatic approaches. Please strive to be there on Tuesday and to be on time. We will make the most of the rehearsals we have left. In the meantime, get the word out to your fans about the concert:

Festival Prelune

Mitch (March, Fresco)

Flute: Overture


Divine (Inferno, Purgatorio, Ascension, Paradiso)

Neither snow nor sleet...


I certainly understand and respect that many were unable to attend rehearsal last week due the the weather. But was impressed with the 45 members that made it and the productive rehearsal that we had. Kudos to the oboes, trombone and percussion sections for 100% attendance!

They say this Tuesday may bring more snow, but fear not, we will make it through this. We only have 5 (possibly 6 if we can rehearse during township elections) before our March Concert featuring the Divine Comedy. We can do this - with your help: attend rehearsals, practice and listen to the recordings will help. And it’s never too early to get the word out about this special performance - Tuesday, March 26.

This Tuesday we will finally get to the rehearsal planned for a couple weeks ago, when we get into the story and inspiration of the fantastic programatic masterpiece. Set it up this way:





Telemann (break)


March if time

Festival Prelude

Order and an invitation


This week we will play the Divine Comedy in order. While doing so I will share the composer’s thoughts mentioned in the score to give us a better understanding of the piece. Let’s set it up like this:





Telemann (break)



Festival Prelude

The Telemann flute solo rehearsals will be limited to 10 minutes while the rest of the band takes a break. Section leaders may want to take this time for short sectionals as needed. Please feel free to walk back into rehearsal quietly after the 10 minutes (even if we’re still rehearsing) so we can move right into the next piece.


Many of you remember when the CLCB used to be the MBDA reading band at the state music convention. The MMEA Convention is a showcase for jr and sr high music groups as well as college and community ensembles. There are also clinics, exhibits and much networking. Lately more and more community bands have performed, recently the St Louis Park CB. This year the Northern Lights Variety Band and the Medalist Band will be featured.

Besides the CLCB, I also direct (and play drums) in a community jazz band, Southern Minnesota’s Real Big Band. The RBB has also been invited to perform at this year’s Convention. It is open to the public and you are invited to attend. We are featuring piano soloist Nachito Herrera on several tunes. Nachito is a professional jazz and classical pianist often performing at the Dakota. I’m very excited about this opportunity. We are performing Thursday Feb 14 from 4:45-5:30 in the Minneapolis Convention Center room 205. I would be thrilled if you could join us and not often you can see a free concert by Nachito Herrera.


Off to a Divine start

Just a quick note to thank all of you for a remarkable reading session last night. What fun. You sounded great reading some tough literature. I think we are in for an amazing March concert. And kudos to Dustin alto sax on your soloing - and sight reading at that. What a treat to hear you play.

If you are interested/willing in playing percussion for one movement of the Divine Comedy, please contact Margie asap as she starts making part assignments. simonspr@aol.com. Thank you in advance - there’s a ton of parts to cover.

I look forward to seeing you all for the next rehearsal on Jan 22. In the meantime take a listen to the Divine Comedy. There is a great recording of all 4 movements on youtube listed in the last Directors Note.


Concert Kudos

Congrats on an excellent Christmas Concert! I thought it went great and it seems our audience agreed.

Some Kudos:

-Kim Ode for the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas - mostly by memory with our lighting challenges. We will get the sound and light challenges fixed for the next concert.

-Everyone for helping the set up and tear down. I was really caught up with the energy of everyone working together to set up. There were so many of you there by 6:00 setting up and helping each other. Great teamwork made it fun.

-Everyone for helping recruit a large audience to enjoy the music you had prepared.

-Everyone for looking terrific with your concert dress black and holiday flair.

-Everyone who performed as a percussionist. You played well and really helped us out. There is so much great music out there that simply cannot be done without a full percussion section.

-Everyone for your flexibility through the Twas The Night Before Christmas set and the Christmas in the Round opener. They required all of us working together and you made it happen.

-All of our talented soloists for your superior musicianship.

-The board for your work organizing the event and to our amazing librarian Kelli.

-Everyone for a stunning and memorable performance.

The March concert is where we pull out heavier music to showcase the band’s talents. It has become one of our favorites. Past major works have included Carmina Burana, The Firebird Suite and the Sousa Concert. This year will be performing Robert W. Smith’s Symphony No. 1, “The Divine Comedy,” among other works. We are doing all four movements. Please take a listen before our January 8 reading session:


(remember to click on all 4 links)

Hope you are having a great holiday season. All the best and see you soon.


Now THAT was a dress rehearsal


Thanks everyone for your work setting up, rehearsing and tearing down last Tuesday. We got a lot done and are ready for what is sure to be a fantastic concert.

Some thoughts:


last minute practicing and listening to quality recordings of our music

Make sure horn is polished and in perfect performance condition

Remind invited guests that the concert is this Tuesday at 7.

Do last minute advertising

Pick out something nice to wear and remember the added holiday flair

pack and extra music stand

Think thru production aspects of concert and get your music in order

Healthy diet day of program

Be at school by 6p on Tuesday to help with set up. If time, warm up and tune on own.

Tell Section leader if running late

Full ensemble warm up and tune at 6:30

Have fun making wonderful music with the team and for our audience. Remember to acknowledge their applause.

Let me know if you have questions. It’s going to be a blast



I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s dress rehearsal. It will be important and I think it’s going to be fun. Everyone working together to make our holiday concert a special one. We will start on stage as there will be some set up issues to solve. Then we’ll go to our places for Christmas in the Round, run the concert and see what we have. Kim Ode will also be there to do her reading of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Here is the order of the dress rehearsal and the concert:


Welcome - Tedd


reading part 1


reading part 2


reading part 3


reading part 4


reading part 5


Ask - Mary


Thank - Tedd



Get the word out


The program is really coming together for our Christmas Concert. Thank you for your continued good work. I think Christmas in the Round will be a hit. I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish this week. Our biggest challenge is the Hallelujah Chorus.


If you are a guest percussionist on any of the pieces, a big thank you from me and the section. You’ve made these great pieces possible to perform as their is a lot of percussion parts presented. Just a reminder, please get ready quickly when it’s your turn to play. You will need to make a quick transition to and from during the concert as well. And if your piece is first in the rehearsal (or concert) please be ready to start the night there.

Here’s the order for our last rehearsal before the dress:

Sleigh Ride







Sing Along

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Better late than never


Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. Good rehearsal last week. Thanks for your work on putting together Christmas In the Round so quickly. If you have a minute, take a listen to it here:


Tempos are:

measure 1 = 120

m 64 = 96

m 88 = 96

m 104 = 144

m 156 = 144+

m 179 = 126

m 210 - 96

m 231 = 104

m 243 = 210

m 282 = 138

m 318 = 112

m 324 = 84

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the music commission project so far! We were thrilled to gain $300 since it was announced to the band.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night. It will be the last rehearsal, before the dress rehearsal, before the concert. Get those posters out!




You sounded terrific again on Tuesday night. This will be a fun concert for the audience and the band. Be sure to start getting the word out to friends and family.

I have been really impressed lately with the sense of community growing in the band. The volunteerism is inspirational and the leadership from the board has been organized and positive. It’s been a very good season.

We’ll do it again on Tuesday, I will put the order on the board. Our one last piece - the opener - will be passed out and read. I think you will enjoy it.

Thanks for giving me a few minutes to describe the commissioning project we are doing for my mom. The Lakes Band will be premiering this new work at our spring concert. I will let you know how the process is going in the mean time. The piece is being written by native Minnesotan Mark Wolfram. He has been great to work with. If you’d like to support the project financially go to the Syb Gullickson Music Commission page on gofundme. This is totally optional as the project is a go.

Mom was one of the band’s biggest supporters coming to all our summer concerts and many spring and fall performances. She even flew up special from her Mesa home to see our Sousa concert. My brothers and I are grateful to all of you for being so kind to her at our events. She was a staunch supporter of my music endeavors in addition to her grandson’s. I so look forward to first hearing the band read this special new piece.

Looking forward to Tuesday


Its beginning to look a lot like a Christmas Concert

Good job at last week’s reading session everyone. I was really impressed with the great turnout and the terrific music you made. I think the concert will be a real crowd pleaser. We have 4 rehearsals to put it together plus a dress rehearsal - which will be a straight play thru this time. Plan to play everything we read last Tuesday plus two more tunes coming this Tuesday - Sleigh Bells and an opener. See you in a few.



Lakes Band,

Congrats on a fantastic performance Tuesday night. Like so many others, I was impressed with your performance. So many great comments. And the hall itself was terrific as well. Acoustically, aesthetically and size it’s a perfect hall for us and the balcony proved to be a hit. A great start to the season and to the City of Lakes Band.

American Salute was solid as the opener. Heart of the Morn was a highlight. I’m pleased with how much you did with Hamilton and Star! exceeded expectations. The whole concert was very good, but there were some moments that were truly special. Remarkable when you consider the difficulty of the program and the short and truncated rehearsal time. And the band LOOKED great. Very professional all around. Again, it is an absolute pleasure to be associated with the band and each of you. CoLB is a very special thing.

With apologies to those I will miss, here goes some acknowledgements:

Everyone who brought that great crowd in. Especially to those who passed out programs.

All that helped set up and tear down, especially with limited time. Many hands make light work.

Our Soloists: Ann Flute, Emily Clarinet, Sara Bassoon, Betsy Alto, Jason Trumpet, Nick Trumpet (not brothers), Adam Trombone, Andrew Trombone (are brothers), Margie Timpani.

Kudos to our bassoon trio. Never has a community band had such a great section.

Kudos to the trombones for a very strong performance overall.

Mitch for your performance.

Kelly for covering the keyboard parts.

All those who pitched in to cover percussion. We could not have done much of this music without you.

Margie and Megan for the pr and program.

Jason for cueing the loons.

The board for all their work and planning.

And everyone else that I forgot!

After that big program and before our ‘heavier’ March concert, we are going to take time to enjoy some light Christmas music. I’m excited to share it with you at our reading session this coming Tuesday.

Make it a great weekend,




Thanks for coming to my birthday party on Tuesday. What a great time gathering everyone for musical chairs and cake - and what a great rendition of Happy Birthday to You! (I will remember this!!) Hope you all had a good time.

This Tuesday will be the ‘dress’ for the season opener. You’ve done great work getting the music ready. We will be playing thru and touching up everything in order. We will do Hamilton twice and make sure everyone has all the road map info they need. I will also rewrite the ending insert for trumpet and clarinet 1.


American Salute


Heart of the Morn

Always United




Be sure to invite at least 10 people to this special performance. The balcony will be open for those that prefer better site lines and acoustics. I’m looking forward to it.


Our Shot

Team Cool,

Always fun to see you all and make music. Tuesday was fun - wish we could do it again tonight.

From the good news department - someone who heard us last summer has requested permission to perform Chris’ arrangement of Planet Krypton. Kudos!

Get the word out on the concert 7:00 Tuesday Oct 30 at JP. Would be fun to share this great music and performance with a full house.

Tuesday will be:

American Salute

Hamilton - play through, let’s see what we’ve got





Have a great week,


Lakes Band

That was some legit work last Tuesday Lakes Band. I am looking forward to Tuesday and to the concert on Halloween Eve. Get the word out that JP will be the place to be on Oct 30.

Order for Tuesday:

Am Salute

Hamilton in order presented in musical





Some edits to clean up on Hamilton:

m 7 - euph slur note 2 into 3 and note 6 into 7

m 40 trumpet solo change back accent articulation to one 16th later

m 42 flute & oboe change back accent articulation to one 16th later, change dynamic to FF

m 56 etc bass clar, bari sax, bass bone, tuba, drums - first 3 notes loud, short and accented

m 68 & 69 bsn, clar, bass clar, bari, tuba, drums start from soft and cresc

m 74 etc flute & oboe all notes long

m 118 sus cym roll with cresc

m 122 rall starts here

m 125 2 bsns and 2 tubas down 8va

m 1320134 bari, bass bone, tuba, drums - accent every note, very aggressive

m 132-134 2 bsns down 8va

m 134 all mark as FF

m 137 flute 1 up 8va, 2 bsns down 8va, 3rd clar down 8va, 2 bass clar down 8va, 1 tenor sax down 8va, bari down 8va, bass trombones down 8va, 2 tubas down 8va

m 138 flute 1 up 8va, 2 bsns down 8va, 3rd clar down 8va, 1st altos up 8va, bari down 8va, trumpet 1 up 8va, trombone 1 up 8va, trombone 3 down 8va, 2 tubas down 8va



September 30, 2018

City Of Lakes Band (COLB),

Thank you for a great rehearsal last Tuesday. I appreciate your attention and patience. Editing (Hamilton) and fine tuning music is tedious and necessary. Let me know of any questions or concerns during the process. I’m looking forward to Tuesday. Hamilton is almost done, American Salute is close, Heart of the Morn is beautiful. Even Slava is coming along.




Heart of the Morn


Am Salute

The orchestral version of Slava! is a must listen. On youtube select slava! orchestra and click on Leonard Bernstein - Slava! A Political Overture. Great Fun.

Here is the last of the Hamilton edits:

Hamiton Edits – Part 3


Measure 15 + 19, flute, trumpets, trombone 1&2: slur entire measure

Meas 26, all: tongue release on ct 3 (whatever note you are on at the time) followed by a quarter rest on 4.

Meas 27, all: tacet except soloist

Meas 28 long tones are back in, start from soft and cresc

Meas 29, horns and trumpet 2+3 mark as fortissimo

Meas 35 2nd time, rall starts here (molto)

Meas 37 if you have 2 half notes descending, gliss from one to the other

Meas 40 solo trumpet use back accent articulation on 16ths

Meas 42, flute & oboe bring out – move to FF, back accent articulation on 16ths

Meas 42 Spencer move snare from the ‘and’ of 3 to the ‘ah’ of 3 (always).

Meas 48 + 49 alto sax only – change your rhythm back to whole notes

Meas 48 + 49 Spencer play exactly as written



Meas 60, 62, 63 add accent on counts 1, 2, ‘and’ of 3

Meas 62 add accent on counts1, 2, ‘ah’ of 2, 4


Meas 60-63 all repeat

Meas 64 bassoon, alto, tenor, trumpet, horn, trombone 1&2m euph, mark FF

Meas 68 + 69 flute, oboe, alto, horn 1 bring out!

Meas 74-77 all: 2 times

            1st time = one per part, no melody

            2nd time = add bassoon soloist

meas 74-81 all” two times (no repeat of 74-77 this time)

meas 82-89 all: repeat, euphs 2nd time only 86-89

meas 90-93 all: repeat

meas 95 all: piano or softer

meas 107-108: repeat, marimba only 1st time

meas 107-downbeat of 111 clarinet sols (all clarinets in at 111 count 2)

meas 115 – all: keep it piano

meas 118 add sus cym roll with cresc

meas 118 bring out marimba

meas 122 all: start rall. Here

meas 124 marimba only, all other parts tacet

meas 126 start mezzo and build

meas 126 solo trumpet

meas 128 all trumpets in

meas 129 drum fill

meas 130-131 3 times with cresc

meas 131 bass clar, baris sax, trombone 3, tuba make count 4 the same notes as count 3 1st & 2nd time, as is 3rd time

meas 135 edit will be passed out on Tuesday

meas 136 + 137 make your last attack forte piano

meas 138 flute 1, bassoon 1, alto 1, trumpet 1, trombone 1, 1 euph up an 8va

meas 138 basson 3, bari sax, trombone 3, 1 euph, 2 tubas down an 8va

Rise Up!

Order for Tuesday:

7:00 announcements, f-stretch, tune

7:05 Heart of the Morn

7:15 American Salute

7:35 Slava

7:55 Mitch

8:20 Hamilton starting at 74

8:40 Star!

8:45 tear down




All parts legato throughout unless indicated otherwise


m. 4 bassoon clar 1, alto, euph change quarter note on 4 to a dotted quarter note on the + of 3


m. 27 if you have a tie into the downbeat, eliminate the tie and tongue the downbeat.


m. 29 trumpet 2 & 3 change to ff


m. 39 eliminate sus cym roll


m 53-54 flutes, oboe, clarinets mark as p


m. 68-69 add cresc


m. 72 first trumpet 2 players to hi A (not E), long


m. 107-108 play twice, 1st time marimba only, 2nd time tutti (possible clarinet solo with all in at 111)


m. 115 change dynamic to mp


m 118 add sus cym roll with cresc


m. 122 move rall. From 123 to 122


m. 130-131 play 3 times, building each time.


m. 131 bass clar, bari sax, trombone 3, tuba – make the two notes on counts 4+ to the same two notes as counts 3+ the first 2 times, play as written the 3rd time


m 135 flutes mark as fff. First flutes up an octave


m. 136 all but flute and clar 1 mark the last note in the measure as fp.


m 137 flute and clar I mark your last note as fp


m 137 add fermata


m 137 drum set make it a low tom roll (fast with cresc)


m 137-138 bass clar, bassoons, bari sax, trombone 3, tuba down an 8va




Errata lists, Hamilton edits, rehearsal order

Chester Errata

§  2nd Oboe. meas. 148, beat 1: add duration dot to E-flat quarter note

§  2nd Oboe. meas. 148, beat 2: B-flat quarter note should read B-flat eighth note

§  1st B-flat Clarinet. meas. 100, beat 1: G-sharp should read G (natural)

§  2nd Clarinet. meas. 75, beat 2: C natural should read C-sharp

§  2nd Clarinet. meas. 170 + 5: rehearsal figure “175” should be here, not two bars later

§  2nd Clarinet. meas. 206, beat 1: quarter rest should read eighth rest

§  3rd Clarinet. meas. 82, beat 1: quarter rest should read eighth rest [corrected in Presser printing]

§  3rd Clarinet. meas. 221, beat 1: B should read C

§  1st B-flat Cornet. meas. 101, beat 2&: delete last eighth rest

§  3rd B-flat Cornet. meas. 18, beat 4: delete breath mark

§  3rd B-flat Cornet. meas. 84, beat 1: quarter rest should read eighth rest

§  3rd B-flat Cornet. meas. 207, beat 2&: E natural should read E-flat

§  1st Horn in F. meas. 167, beat 3: A should read B

§  Percussion. meas. 83, beat 2&: this note is for crash cymbals. The snare drum enters in meas. 84, beat 1.


American Salute Errata

§  2nd Flute. reh. F + 2 meas., beat 1: add "simile" for continuation of staccato passage.

§  1st B-flat Clarinet. reh. D + 4 meas., beat 3: 2 eighth rests should read F quarter note tied from the previous note (as in 2 meas. after D).

§  1st Bassoon. reh. L, beat 1: move "pp" to beat 2.

§  E-flat Baritone Saxophone. reh. J, beat 3: C natural should read C sharp (carries through to beat 4).

§  1st, 2nd, & 3rd B-flat Cornets. reh. J + 3, beat 1: add "Natural" (to cancel "Hand in Bell" instruction at 1 meas. before reh. J).

§  1st & 2nd B-flat Trumpets. reh. J + 3, beat 1: add "Natural" (to cancel "Hand in Bell" instruction at 1 meas. before reh. J).

§  3rd & 4th Horns in F. 1 meas. before reh. K: add “4/4” meter signature at the end of the system

§  2nd Trombone. reh. O + 10, beat 7: D should read E (above staff).

§  1st Flute. reh. M + 3, beat 2-3: remove dot in staff.

§  1st Flute. 5 meas. before the end, beat 2-3: remove dot on E space.

§  1st B-flat Clarinet. 1 meas. before reh. G, beat 1: add "Tutti".

§  2nd B-flat Clarinet. 3 meas. before reh. G, beat 1: add. "div.".

§  1st Trombone. reh. M: add "(mute out)".

§  1st Trombone. reh. M + 4, beat 4: add "Tutti".


Hamilton Edits – so far


Mark it as sempre legato

1-4 mp not mf

1-13 one per part except euph and alto

 10 add rit

13-19 quarter notes VERY short ala harpsichord

13 Spencer change sus cym to closed hh

20 Spencer add fill

21-26 Spencer sd on all 4

25-26 Spencer bd accented on all 4

 25-26 low ww & brass change part to accented quarter notes on written pitches***

27 all play downbeat only, erase any ties and accent the downbeat

27-28 all out till 29, solo trumpet or trombone instead

29-36 all repeat, mf first time, ff second

29 Spencer ride the hh first time, ride cymbal 2nd

36 all do NOT rall. 1st time, only 2nd

36 Spencer fill first time

37-38 1 bsn 8va basso

38 eliminate timp roll



Mark it as sempre legato

Straight 8ths, swing sixteenths

40-41 trumpet solo

40-41 Spencer change hh one note on ‘ands’ to 2 notes on ‘e-and’

40-41 2 times

42-43 2 times

42 lay back, not too loud, rhythms are challenging – please take time to listen to recording

42 Spencer play part exactly as written but take out last 2 notes of meas on sd

45 Spencer add fill

48-50 if you have whole notes, change them to light, short 8th notes

51 add rall



Mark it as sempre legato

Straight 8th, swing sixteenths hip hop style (listen to original)

59 Spencer add fill

60 Spencer sd nok instead of on drum

60 melody not too heavy and very legato

64 tenor, trumpets, horns, trombones, euph make 2nd note short – not tied

68-69 all add cresc, Spencer add double stops on sd and floor tom in 8th notes

70 upper ww, bsn, tenor, bari, trombone, euph, tuba eliminate 2nd note

70 alto trumpet, horn eliminate ‘e-and’ notes after count 3

70 all accent triplet, very heavy

72 downbeat should be slightly long

72 count 2 one trumpet up to hi C (or E)

73 all eliminate the whole note



Mark as sempre legato

Straight 8ths and 16ths

Gentle lullaby

74-80 let’s try it as a bassoon solo

86 be sure the half note is off on 3

95 still gentle, not too loud

102 work the rhtym



Mark as sempre legato

Straight 8ths and 16ths

107-114 try as a clarinet solo

107-110 eliminate euph till 111

115 all clarinets in

125 1 bassoon 8va basso




Mark as sempre legato

Straight 8ths swing sixteenths – hip hop style

135 start rall here, make it grand

137 all change to Fp

137 2 bsns 8va basso

138 add length to last note


Much more to come



American Salute




Songs of the Free


What a great night Tuesday was - getting the old band back together, meeting some new members. You did such a terrific job reading the new music. The season opener is titled 'Songs of the Free', the performance is Tues Oct 30. Our instrumentation looks legit but we are in need of a couple more percussionists. Help get the word out. In the meantime, this concert calls for tons of percussion. If you are interested in playing an easy percussion part, please let Margie know - we need your help.

Take a listen to the links listed in last week's 'Notes' and download the original Broadway recordings of the pieces we're doing from Hamilton. Great stuff.

Also, please take a few minutes to listen to this elementary band from Japan play Slava!


Mind blown.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can reach me at teddggullickson@gmail.com or call/text 507-420-8055


Heart of the Morn

American Salute

Lamp of Liberty


Always United, Forever Free




Season Opener


I hope you are all having a terrific rest of your summer after making such wonderful music in June and July. I look forward to opening the new season with you at our first rehearsal in just a few short weeks. The theme for the Season Opener is SONGS FOR THE FREE. Reflections on how good our country truly is, warts and all. If you have time, please take a listen to the literature for the concert:

American Salute by Morton Gould



Chester by William Schuman



Heart of the Morn (Michigan Morn) by H. Owen Reed



Lamp of Liberty by Frank Bencriscutto

No known recording


Slava! A Political Overture by Leonard Bernstein



Star by Stephen Melillo